Comments from Our Satisfied Clients

Join companies like Moneta Group, St. Louis, MO, Massage Envy, Florida, F.A. Rohrbach, Inc., Allentown, PA, The Face and Body Day Spa, St. Louis, MO, and many more who are using Hiring Solutions' employee assessments to hire GREAT employees.

"The testing enabled me to identify potential honesty issues that were not readily apparent in the standard interview process. Hiring Solutions helped reveal hidden sides of a few smooth talkers. I recommend them for any small business."
Renee Toporek, Massage Envy Orlando, FL

"The Selling With Style Program was definitely worth it! My sales team still refers to their own profiles and is using the process to create sales strategies that fit the profiles of their prospects."
Joe Gammons, President, Office Furniture & Design Concepts, Fort Myers, FL

"The Hiring Suite offered by Hiring Solutions provides easy access to very powerful recruiting, interviewing, and selection tools for the business owner or HR professional. The Insure Survey has saved me loads of time and resources and I don't conduct an interview without having administered the test first!"
Sharon Brotherton, ShaBro Alternative Office Solutions

"I use the Hiring Suite for all my Sales Associate candidates. I have found that it is a great predictor of the candidate's sales ability and their level of understanding of customer sensitivities."
Gordon Kaufman, Massage Envy SW Florida

"Without hesitation, I'd recommend using The Hiring Suite."
Peggy Mitchusson, The Face and Body Day Spa, St. Louis, MO
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"Maryanne Preston is a consummate professional. First she had our entire Foundation Team take a talent survey. Next she spent an afternoon with us and guided the Foundation Team to a greater understanding of our personal communication styles and how those styles relate to other team members. It was through her skillful questioning and posturing of scenarios team members were able to see how to better communicate in order to increase productivity."
Arlene Roth, Executive Director Uncommon Friends Foundation at the Burroughs Home & Gardens

"Assessment testing of candidates for key selling roles offers critical insight to the candidate's ability and willingness to succeed. I recommend to all my clients that Hiring Solutions assessments be included in their hiring process and evaluation.

There are a host of alternative pre-employment testing available. I work with Hiring Solutions because their testing and assessment solution is easily administered and interpreted. The evaluation and reports may be "tailored" to fit your job description and duties. And most importantly, Hiring Solutions is highly responsive and professional, speedily offering answers to questions or new requests."
Marie Warner, President, Warner Professional Sales

"Maryanne's Dynamic Communication workshop helped our incoming 2012 board get to know a little more about each other and understand how we would need to communicate over the next year to accomplish our goals. Great kickoff at a board retreat!"
Sharon Brotherton, President 2011-2012 National Association of Women Business Owners – SW Florida