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Featuring: Selling with Style Workshops

In a conversation with a local business owner, he told me he felt that a big reason his sales representatives lose a sale is that they don't listen. I suggested that a "Selling With Style" training program would help them win in sales and also achieve a greater degree of success in their personal and professional lives.

Specifically, this two-hour program helps the owner or manager and his team:

Prior to the scheduled program, the owner and his team each completed the TTI Success Insights™ Sales report. This 23 page computer generated report gives Sales professionals and their managers a broad understanding of their natural sales style. The software analyzes and details the type of product they prefer to sell, how they handle sales presentations, as well as how they close and service their accounts.

At the training, each participant received a customized in-depth workbook that included the Sales Team Behavioral Style Guide, a DISC clue guide, a Behavioral Selling Skills guide, a Behavioral Skills Body Language Guide. I reviewed the value of applying a behavioral communication model to sales presentations, helped them understand their own styles, recognize and appreciate other's behavioral styles and create strategies for sales presentations based on the behavioral design of their prospects.

When the training ended, they had identified the behavioral styles of current prospects, vendors and associates and created specific sale strategies for each. Months later, I checked back with the owner, and he confirmed that they were still identifying prospects by behavioral design and using the workbooks to identify the correct words and statements that would influence their prospects to buy. Because they were listening to their prospects, their closing percentages had increased significantly.

Dynamic Communication Workshops

The Dynamic Communication program is designed to help people win and achieve a greater degree of success in life and work. Specifically, the program will help you and your team:

  1. Understand the benefits of applying a behavioral communication model.
  2. Understand your own behavioral design.
  3. Recognize, understand and appreciate others' behavioral designs.
  4. Adapt your behaviors for enhanced communication, understanding, and relationships.
  5. Identify behavioral styles by observing tone of voice, words, body language, and pace.

What is DISC?

DISC measures observable behavior and emotions. Behaviors are considered to be the "how" of your life and are apparent in the things you do and how you act. DISC is the language of people watching, or observing behavior and emotions. Behavioral characteristics are categorized into four dimensions of normal behavior, which are referred to as DISC:

  1. D – Dominance: Approach to Problems
    • High: New problems solved quickly, assertively, actively, Gets to the bottom-line quickly
    • Low: New problems solved in a controlled, organized way. Thinks before acting.
  2. I – Influencing: Approach to People
    • High: Meets new people in an outgoing, talkative manner. Gregarious and emotional.
    • Low: Meets new people in a quiet, controlled reserved manner. Emotionally controlled.
  3. S – Steadiness: Approach to Work Pace
    • High: Prefers a controlled, deliberate work environment. Values security of situation.
    • Low: Prefers a flexible, dynamic, changeable environment. Values freedom of expression.
  4. C – Cautious: Approach to Procedures
    • High: Likes things done 'the right way,' and says, "Rules are made to be followed."
    • Low: Works independently of the procedures and says, "Rules are made to be bent or broken."

Each participant will be provided a customized workbook of clues, tips and strategies for behavior. This workbook helps participants learn how to recognize, understand and apply the DISC behavioral model for better communication.

Groups that have benefited from these programs include The Bridge Networking Group, Face and Body Day Spa, Moneta Group, Office Furniture & Design Concepts, the National Association of Women Business Owners, Uncommon Friends Foundation at the Burroughs Home and Gardens, Cohen Architectural Woodworking and many more.

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