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Featuring: The Hiring Suite

The Hiring Suite® can help you make the right hiring decision while avoiding the trap of gut feelings and the candidate's spinning of abilities. It is a complete employment testing system featuring four stand-alone assessments: Personality Plus, The Insure Survey, Johnston Index and Sales Plus, plus Team Master Reports and Custom Profile Reports.

All of these assessments are administered using the Internet, paper/pencil test booklets, or from an offsite location in less than 20 minutes each. The reports are available for review immediately and include suggested interview questions and training and management tips. The reports also include a distortion score which rates how frank and candid the candidate was when he/she answered the questions and how reliable the results are.

Administration is Convenient, Fast and Easy!

All assessments are administered and scored using your customized Hiring Suite site. The applicant can take the assessment online in your office or from an offsite location, or you can administer a Paper and Pencil version and then input the responses on your Hiring Suite site. Reports are available instantaneously and are stored forever. The reports include suggested interview questions and training and management tips.

Store and Score

Another convenient and cost saving feature of the Hiring Suite is the "Store and Score" feature. It allows Hiring Suite users to save time by having ALL applicants take the entire battery of surveys without being charged inventory units. In other words, you don't pay for the surveys until you have decided to SCORE the survey. The Hiring Suite will STORE all UN-SCORED surveys for free, forever. "Store and Score" gives you the ability to choose which applicants' surveys are scored.

For example, if you decide to administer three different assessments and after deciding to score the first one, the results suggest the applicant is undesirable, you may leave the remaining two assessments UN-SCORED and no more scoring units will be invested on a candidate you don't want to hire.

Following the same example, if the applicant does well on the first assessment, then you have the flexibility to score the second and third assessments. Units are only deducted from your online inventory when assessments are scored, not when they are administered.


All assessments, except the Johnston Index, have a built in Distortion (or Lie) Scale to alert the administrator if the applicant is being untruthful or less than candid in responding to the questionnaires. Learn more about Distortion Scores here.

Learn more about each of the assessments
within The Hiring Suite:

Personality Plus®

Insure Survey®

Johnston Index®

Sales Plus®

Team Master Report®

Personality Plus®

Measures 10 personality traits essential to business. The report displays the applicant's scores for each personality trait plus Generic Profiles (benchmarks or patterns) for 40 different job positions. The applicant's Generic Profile scores can also be displayed in an easily read graphic form called a Profile Grid. In addition to 3 different written reports, you can choose to display the applicant's trait scores on a Psychograph Report, an easily read graphic form showing the applicant's scores. Custom Profiles based on your company's employees can also be created quickly and easily once the data is available.

Benefit: Productive employees keep profits high and Personality Plus can help you identify applicants who will "fit" and be productive in your unique work culture.

The Personality Plus measures the ten innate personality traits essential to business:

The Personality Plus questionnaire is divided into 3 sections.


If you are hiring a salesperson, this Section can be extremely valuable to you. We asked a variety of Sales Managers from different industries what information they would need before making a hiring decision. The 16 questions in Section I are the result. Directed at salespeople some examples are "Describe the way you use the telephone" and "Describe the sales compensation you prefer".


Section II is designed to measure innate personality traits. It reports on ten basic traits: ORGANIZATION, SENSITIVITY, IMAGINATION, FLEXIBILITY, RECOGNITION, TENSION, PROBING LEVEL, SOCIAL NEED, ASSERTIVENESS, and COMPETITIVENESS. One of the unique benefits of Personality Plus® is the ability to utilize Patterns. Patterns are guides created for job positions which can be used to compare applicant's scores to the job requirements. A special routine allows you to create Patterns based on your current employee's scores or requirements for the position. These are the most effective since they are custom designed for your company.


Section III was created after several managers requested we furnish some type of questions to use during the face-to-face interview. It was so successful it was decided to make it a part of the actual booklet. The applicant hand writes his/her responses to questions like "List your three primary goals" or "Tell us about the best job you ever had". Managers then use the responses with the candidate during the face-to-face interview.


Insure Survey®

The Insure Survey is a short pre-hire assessment that measures an individual's basic work-related values. It is used primarily as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process. This assessment provides a ten page report about an applicant's work ethic, reliability, integrity, propensity for substance abuse, and attitudes toward theft —including property, data, and time.

Surveys show that up to 80% of applicants lie on their resumes. Many can actually sit across from you in an interview with warm smiles while they "case" your place of business. Substance Abusers need to "feed" their habit and may plan to do so with your company's inventory. Others are just not reliable and don't want to work!

The Insure Survey has two sections. Section I gives the interviewer possible verbal questions to clarify the applicant's answers. Section II reports the scale scores in the four attitude areas being measured on a 1 (low) to 9 (high) scale. Answers that may be of concern are highlighted for the interviewer to clarify the applicant's response.

The Insure Survey helps you avoid hiring applicants with low morals and ethics and you will hire more honest, dependable, hard-working, and drug-free employees! Using this survey also leads to gains in productivity, improved company morale, and increased profits.


Johnston Index®

Measures 4 basic learned skills: Problem Solving, Vocabulary, Mathematics, and Spelling. If you are interviewing for a position that requires any of these skills they can be measured quickly and easily with this test which is timed to 15 minutes. The JI report also has a psychograph and a Custom Profile may be created for your company based on your own employees.

Benefit: Know before you hire whether the applicant's skill level is high enough for your needs


Sales Plus®

A strong personnel selection program can lead to lower shrinkage and higher caliber employees in retail sales. This 70 item personality indicator measures six personality traits essential to sales:

Few decisions in a retail environment are as important as the hiring of sales people. They need to have the collective skills, talents, personality, and level of commitment that will ensure that customers enjoy shopping in your establishment and will return when future purchases are necessary. Today's retailers need to use every tool at their disposal to remain competitive into the new millennium. Sales Plus® is unique in that it combines three personality traits with three skill scales. It is designed to be utilized by retailers for their in-store sales personnel. This instrument was originally designed for one of America's leading retailers over 10 years ago. They still use it today in making their hiring decisions.


Team Master® Report

What If ...

Now You Can...

Team Master allows you to put together and take apart teams in your own office, on your own personal computer. Spreadsheet software has allowed you to play "What If" with numbers for years, now you can do the same thing with applicants and employees.

With Team Master you will finally have the information to make people decisions based on data, and reasonable predictions, rather than trial and error. Using Team Master, you can set up simulations of potential work groups and predict their working chemistry, before you make a decision that could cost the company thousands of dollars in lost productivity.

What It Does:

Team Master utilizes the results from previously administered Personality Plus assessments to make determinations. It compares results to each other and reports on possible conflicts and areas of compatibility between the individuals.

As A Diagnostic Tool:

Team Master offers more than just the ability to set up new working teams, it lets you look at current teams that aren't working. Utilizing this powerful new tool, you can take teams apart and find out why they aren't meeting company expectations. Team Master lets you find out if the supervisor is ill-suited to the group or if members of the group are making it impossible to lead and manage. It gives you the knowledge to help the team get back on track.

As A Hiring Tool:

This unique report lets you put the candidate's report together with your current team of employees who have taken the Personality Plus and create a report that will help you determine how the candidate's personality will work together with the current team and team leader. This report will help you, as a manager, determine the strong and weak attributes of the candidate and how he/she fits into the current team.